Silly Bandz Take On Justin Bieber


Silly Bandz are the hottest fashion accessory for kids this year! Sweeping the playgrounds and taking over the schools, these fun rubber bands come in a very wide variety. You can wear the ABC’s, sea creatures, dinosaurs, zoo animals, Hello Kitty and even art festival shapes on your wrist. Layered, they become almost ‘cuff-like’ and once you take them off, they return to their previous shape.

The latest collection to hit the Silly Bandz family? Justin Bieber of course! As one of the most popular teen pop sensations, Justin Bieber is now available in a rubber band. Wow, that sounds awfully strange….

Anyhow, I can guarantee the new Bieber bands will be a huge hit with the kids who have Bieber fever. I mean, what little girl wouldn’t want to carry Justin with them everywhere? 

 The 24 Bieber pack ($5.95) includes:

  • Justin Singing
  • Headphones
  • Music Note
  • I Heart JB
  • Bieber Heart

Want to buy a pack? You can purchase them here.