Keep Your Child Safe with a Temporary Tattoo



Losing a child is every parents greatest fear. How will you reconnect if you do get separated? It’s not always feasible to expect the child to remember a phone number. Here’s a peel-and-stick temporary tattoo that does the job for them.

safetytat tattoo for kids

SafetyTat is a temporary tattoo made of durable, medical-grade materials that last up to two weeks. Write your emergency contact phone number and any other relevant information on the SafetyTat with the included pen, then slap it right on your kiddo. If someone finds your child, they’ll have the information needed to get in touch with you.


Pricing starts at $9.99 for a multi-design 6 pack that includes a SafetyTat tattoo marking pen.

Visit the SafetyTat website for more information.


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