Kid Parties Made Easy (and Adorable!): Custom-Made, Hand-Cut Decorations


Look, when it comes to hosting a party, we’d all love to be that mom or dad who lovingly slaves over cute party decorations and intricate cake designs. But, really, who has the time?

Luckily, you don’t need to sacrifice your sleep or sanity to throw a great bash. TwoSugarBabies’ adorable hand-cut fondant toppers instantly spiff up any cupcake or party food with zero effort, no matter the occassion.

With these, making any kid feel super special on a birthday–or just plain cool when having friends over–is unbelievably easy. Keep reading to see our favorite toppers for kids and baby celebrations:

For making the all-important first birthday memorable, TwoSugarBabies have just the cheery thing. For other birthdays, cupcake toppers feature different numbers of years, too.

Have a budding football fan? Or just celebrating the new season with the kids? We call a double foul in the cute overload and amazing handcraftiness departments.

It’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween! Granted, these cupcakes are more sweet than spooky, but who likes scaring kids anyway?

Not that you’re required to have an elaborate theme for a great, seemingly well-planned party. When in doubt, add some cute animals to the mix! Bonus points if you get a variety so everyone can have their favorite. More of ours:

Feeling jealous? Don’t be! TwoSugarBabies has toppers for a range of grown-up occasions too, from engagements and weddings to Valentine’s Day. If you can’t find the perfect design, this amazing Etsy shop takes custom orders, too. From $9 per dozen.