Kid Friendly Nativity Set. Yes or No?


Do you have a nativity set? I’m always on the lookout for kid-friendly versions I can recommend. At first sight, I’d say this one, by Star House, definitely counts. It’s super sweet — I love the sideways baby! It’s made of wood, so it won’t shatter if gets dropped by a curious toddler. And because its handmade, it has a friendly, approachable, not-t00-fancy feel. Plus, you can buy the complete set with angels, shepherds and wisemen (see a full image after the jump), or collect it piece by piece — which is really nice if you lose Baby Jesus and need to replace him. (At our house, Baby Jesus gets lost almost every year. He’s carried around, wrapped in blankets that are about 100 sizes too big, or placed carefully in a secret place somewhere and promptly forgotten.)

I’m just not sure on the price. No doubt the workmanship is worth every penny, but I don’t know how I’d feel about my kids playing with the full $386 set. At that price, I’m afraid I’d want the kids to keep their hands off. What do you think? Kid-friendly or no?

nativity set wood kids Star Housenativity set wood kids Star House

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