Kids Clothing to Beat the Dog Days of Summer


This summer has been brutal, capital B. Besides the millions cribs and recent nap nanny recall, the heat isn’t doing much for any of us. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to find my family at home basking in our AC because it’s just too ridiculously hot to be outside. There are just so many times we can go to the local wading pool. Even my son who couldn’t be pulled it out months earlier is growing tired of it all.

To dispel my growing frustration, I have already started looking forward to fall, which is annoying since I spent all winter looking forward to summer. But there it is. I feel 20 degrees cooler just thinking about all that fleece, jackets and back-to-school apparel.

Still, in the hopes of staying Zen and living in the present, I’m trying to find the bright side of summer and have accomplished with a recent discovery of a new clothing line called Suvi Ainoa.

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Consisting of simple basics that are anything but, Suvi Ainoa includes unisex nautical striped tees, gorgeous linen pants and tanks, and the kind of breezy, casual attitude that makes me wish everything came in my size.

The designer set out to create a line that was chic, simple and accessible. Having lived in Finland for years, she borrowed the Scandi simplicity and a Finnish girl’s name to create a lifestyle brand is not only stylish but playful and sustainable.

So even though I’m thinking about fall, I know the rest of the summer will be that much cooler thanks to Suvi Ainoa clothes.

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