Kids' Crafts Delivered to Your Door


First we rounded up our favorite monthly beauty box subscriptions (companies that send out beauty samples every month), and then we introduced you to Bluum — a company that sends monthly gifts for mom and baby. And now we have another monthly subscription we love, but this time for the older kids.

Kiwi Crate isn’t filled with toys or food or clothes. No, a Kiwi Crate box is filled with CRAFTS! Fun, creative CRAFTS!

Geared at kids aged 3 to 6, each Kiwi Crate box comes with at least 2 crafts related to a specific theme (like dinosaurs or gardening).

The materials in each box are designed to spark creativity and encourage free play, covering a range of developmental areas — from art to science. The projects themselves are purposefully open ended to keep kids curious and creative. (Plus, what kid doesn’t love a box delivered every month?)


You have a few options when signing up for a Kiwi Crate subscription. You can either sign up for $19.95/month or $220/year (with free shipping and no commitment), or you can go with one of their gift-giving options: $59 for 3 months, $110 for 6 months or $220 for the entire year.

Learn more and sign up at Kiwi Crate.