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Kids Fashion Trends We Hope NEVER Come Back

By michellehorton |

worst kids fashion

I enjoyed denim overalls like the best of them and I love a good retro revival as much as the next fashion lover, but some trends just need to remain in the past. If you’re not convinced, take a look at some of the biggest kids style trends through the years, after the jump. Would you want to see any of these come back?

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22 Worst Kids Fashion Trends

1. Stirrup Pants

Even if Miley Cyrus tried to bring back the stirrup pant, this is a trend that doesn't need to reappear. Stirrups belong on horse riders and cattle wranglers — period.

Did I miss any? What fashion trends do you hope never come back in style?


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20 thoughts on “Kids Fashion Trends We Hope NEVER Come Back

  1. Samantha at ShesNotBroken says:

    I admit, I love jelly shoes. I remember participating in an awful lot of these trends. All I can say is thank god this was before digital photography and the iPhone. There’s minimal photographic evidence of this.

    1. michellehorton says:

      @Samantha: Very true. And I loved how my jelly shoes looked when I was little, but I remember constantly getting blisters!! The question is: what styles will we look back on in 20+ years and never want to come back? (Uggs? Skinny jeans?)

  2. Kelly says:

    My 2 year old has a pair of jellies….also, I heard the other day that slap bracelets are coming back in watch form. Scary. @Michellehorton, Uggs will definitely be frowned upon in 20 years. Have you looked at us?? We all have elephant feet!!

    1. michellehorton says:

      @Becca and Kelly: I have successfully avoided the Uggs trend. And I don’t know — Crocs are comfy and practical, but I don’t see them sticking around for 20 years.

  3. Becca says:

    I don’t know – Uggs have been around for 6+ years now. Practical and comfy sticks around – ballet pumps, large handbags, sunglasses that actually protect your entire field of vision.

    I bought some stirrup leggings from Top Shop last year. ‘Nuff said ;)

  4. Becca says:

    P.S. Jelly shoes – Vivienne Westwood has managed quite the revival!

  5. aquariann says:

    Slap bracelets are back, baby – I got one from the fire department at a community event last month.

  6. GMB says:

    You did not mention or show (thank goodness!) the ongoing trend of over the bud, down to the knees, show your ‘undees’ pants, mostly for boys. They could not make a fast get-away in a robbery; but who would want to follow them anyway? Let them get lost!

  7. Lacee says:

    What’s wrong with fanny packs? I wear one every time I go out somewhere except to church. It’s good to have if you’re wearing an outfit that has no pockets. I see nothing wrong with fanny packs.

  8. lakmanda says:

    Death to denim on denim.

  9. Celeste says:

    I personally LOVE jelly shoes! I remember always using them when I was a kid. I actually was looking to buy some to use in the ocean on my cruise. but sadly I could not find any.

  10. Lindsey says:

    I did get tired of the Bieber hairdo. It was annoying! Be a trend setter not a trend follower! Now face glitter is fine, as long as you don’t over do it. Neon colors are good but you have to use them alone. Together it looks like an 80′s disco champ switched clothes with you. Skinny jeans are nice but don’t make it your whole wardrobe because the minute you shift in your seat the wrong way, they split bacause they’re too tight.I think UGGS are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too exspensive. How mch did you drop buying your 8 year old UGGS that she’ll grow out of in a year? At least 100 dollars. That is way too much for a pair of boots. The shirt clip? I love it! I always have to tie my too big shirts with a hair tie. I wasn’t a 80′s kid. I was a late 90′s kid. so I guess I missed this trend. But it’s super cute and I would love to have one. If you know where to find some, please tell me!

  11. Emily says:

    Looking through these trends remind me of stuff I am sick of. Riding pants are common at my daughters school, and every time I see a pair makes me a little bit more sick of Justice and any other place that sells them. Jelly shoes and crocs are just annoying, and can be easily replaced with Converse. I am done with all the Tomagatchi stuff. Face glitter reminds me of the newest pop stars- Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha, Britney Spears, etc. Hair mascara is just ridiculous. Snap bracelets… I see them all the time. Annoying. Shirt ties are totally 80′s which was about 32 years ago. Again, Britney Spears is setting ANOTHER bad example for young kids. Those hats are annoying, and scrunchies are just another 80′s trend. Neon clothes are cute-unless in tye-dye form. Fanny packs are just weird, although crimped hair is cute, if your hair is long and straight. Plaid bellbottoms and rat tails, disgusting. Denim on denim on denim is just awkward looking, and acid wash jeans are cute if worn of the right people. UFO pants are really weird and Vanilla Ice hair was bad back then, not to mention now. Backwards clothing is.. Ummm.. Well you get the picture…. Ahhh… My favorite one…. Justin Bieber hair. It has been annoying since the hairstyle first came out. I was very glad to see as soon as JB cut his hair, all the boys at my daughter’s school cut their hair short. All in all, most of these trends are gone, and hopefully for good.

  12. Shea Tek says:

    The two on here I don’t agree with is slap bracelets and crimped hair. I crimp my hair, and as long as you do it right, it looks good. And come on, slap bracelets are always fun. I do remember jelly shoes though, and not fondly. I used to have three pairs–worst waste of money in my life.

  13. nadia ayotte says:

    um, scrunchies are very useful to people who have very curly hair and are not able to wear the very thin hair bands that all white girls with straight hair wear.
    i have a bunch of them and if they ever stopped making them i would be forced to shave my hair or wear the really thin hair bands that get knots in my hair and are impossible to take out. i am mixed so i have mixture of “black people hair” and “white people hair” my hair is really thin too and i have a sensitive scalp. i am glad scrunchies exist right now!

  14. Linda says:

    I took a poll (unscientific) of the list with my granddaughters, ages 9 and 12. Here are the answers of the next generation consumer..
    (1) Stirrup pants…they are WRONG.
    (2) Jellies…They love them…
    (3) Crocs…they love them more than jellies
    (4) Tamagotchis…no, to much of a nuisance to deal with
    (5) Face Glitter…NO..pointless
    (6) Hair mascara..No, enough said..
    (7)Snap Bracelets…they love them, they even have snap watches
    (8) T-shirt clip..well, it could be cute if used for some other reason, but they did not like the t-shirt crunched up idea
    (9) Clueless phase: A little tacky for school girls…
    (10) Blossom Hat: could be cute with the right outfit…so, maybe
    (11) Scrunchies…YES!! love them
    (12) Neon Clothes…Maybe…as an accessory item, not drenched in it
    (13) Fanny Pack…Yes…but not everyone should wear them
    (14) Crimped Hair…It could be cute, but mostly looks messy…so, no
    (15)Plaid Jackets and Matching Pants..NO, it is not allowed..
    (16) Mullets and Rat tails…Definitely NO
    (17) Denim on Denim…could have possibilities…maybe
    (18) acid wash jeans…their question..”what are they?”
    (19) Raver/ufo pants…NO, NO, NO
    (20) Vanilla Ice graphic hair…Bwahahahahahaa
    (21) Kris Kross Backwards clothing…Stupid
    (22) Bieber Hair…thankful he cut it..

  15. shirley cook says:

    i mmust admitt i too thought crocs were stupid but i telling you for a quick shoe in the summer i have to say they are commmfortable. also the different colors make them cute with summer outfits. hope they stay around awhile longer.

  16. carrie says:

    Don’t forget hammer pants, fishnet shirts and cut off jean shorts for men.

  17. rosie-bo says:

    I love jellly shoes! mine were clear with silver glitter :D xxx

  18. AmandaBeth says:

    Neon was scary when worn back tjen and still scary now. Fanny pacls as long as not bright or neon can come in handy esp when outfit has no pockets. One should never flaunt a fanny pack its their to be useful not for fashion.

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