Kim Zolciak is Pregnant! Gift Ideas for the Newest Real Housewives Baby


kim zolciak pregnancy

Just when we were sure we’d see more of Kim Zolciak’s on-again, off-again (married) boyfriend “Big Papa” — even during her lesbian relationship with Tracy Young — she shocks us all: Kim Zolciak announced that she’s expecting her third child with 25-year-old NFL player Kroy Biermann.

Yep, pregnant. Which means the relationship drama doesn’t even compare to the fact that there will now be another Real Housewives baby to spoil with lavish, over-the-top extravagance. And when the Housewife is Kim Zolciak, the baby gift ideas are endless:

Baby’s first pair of Gucci shoes = a must. (Saks Fifth Avenue, $225)

kim zolsiak pregnant

Andy Cohen has probably already gifted Kim with one of these Bravo “Real Baby” rompers, along with a “Mazel” onesie of course. We can already see baby Zolciak waving to Andy via Skype. (Bravo, $29.95)

kim zolciak wig

And of course baby Kim Zolciak needs her first baby wig, appropriately called the Lil’ Kim from Baby Toupee, $21.99.

Again assuming that Kim Zolciak is pregnant with another little girl, we know that there’s nothing too lavish for her princesses — including this chariot-like crib from Posh Tots, $20,000.

kim zolciak

And if anyone will be riding in this $15,000 Audi kids car that Elina told us about, it’s Kim Zolciak’s child.

Find more Kim Zolciak-inspired maternity gifts — including the perfect diaper bags — over at Being Pregnant.