Knock Knock! Let Them in With The Fairy Door


We’ve had some uninvited guests recently. It’s not the ants that sneak into the kitchen, it’s not the mice that try to sneak under the back door, it’s fairies. Lots and lots of fairies. How do they get in? Through the fairy door that ‘magically’ appeared right next to our big human sized door.

So I guess they’re not really uninvited guests, since I’m the one who slyly installed the miniature-sized door in the first place. But just don’t let my daughter know. She is under the belief that the head fairy who goes by the name Me-Ella built the door. A door that is used by the legion of fairies – in the dead of night – to come into our home and hide our socks, misplace her miniatures and spill the cereal. Those fairies, they’re a mischievous lot…

One of the sweetest things about the fairy door are the notes and presents that my daughter leaves for them. In return for the spools of thread she leaves for them to use as tables, the bits of food and the occasional note saying “I love you fairies,” they (or more like I) leave her gems, thank you notes and tiny flowers.

If you’d like to have fairies invade your home, there are surprisingly a large amount of fairy door choices out there. But these from Enchanted Fairy Doors I really like. They come in a variety of styles and are free standing so they can be used indoors and outdoors. These ten-inch hand-painted doors go for $24.95 right here. Fairies, well they’re not included. You’ll have to get your own.

And to get inspired, check out this collection of fairy doors in Ann Arbor. A movement that has it’s own website!

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