Play Lady Gaga Dress Up Online Games for Free!


Little girls love to play dress up games. Most of the costume games for kids are based on icons like Cinderella, Barbie or Strawberry Short Cake. But there is a much edgier, wackier and extreme fashion icon that your little ones can dress up or dress down. Lady Gaga.

Yes, the infamous pop star is the subject of numerous online dress up games. And best of all they are all free, that is if you’re okay with your little girls going gaga for Gaga.  And no, the outrageous Meat Dress from this weekends VMAs isn’t in the rotation yet, but you know it will be coming soon!

Check out the games after here:

Lady Gaga Game

The “Cute Lady Gaga” game right here.

Lady Gaga Dress Up from Rainbow Dress Up here