Lalaloopsy - Hottest Doll of the Season? We Know Where to Buy Her!


Lalaloopsy Doll

My daughter has already finalized her Christmas list for Santa. On the top of it? Lalaloopsy! The moment she saw the Bitsy Button Lalaloopsy gang she immediately was sold. She thought they were all the coolest things ever. I’ve kind of ignored the list, up till now. I suddenly realized that Lalaoopsy could very well be THE doll of the season and I really don’t want to have to fight someone at the mall or buy one at three times it’s retail value off eBay. So instead, I’m getting it ahead of time. Meaning right now. But the doll is already sold out all sorts of places…but lucky for you, I did my homework and I know who has them! Check out who has them in stock here.

Toys R Us – They have Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Pillow Featherbed, Peanut Big Top, Bea Spells-a-Lot, Dot Starlight all for $24.99 Lalloopsy outfit with each order. Check it out here.

Kmart – Pillow Featherbed and Spot Splatter Splash on sale for $19.99. Right here.

Amazon – They have Sugar Cookie, Spells-a-Lot, Peanut Big Top,  for $24.99 or you can order the others at a premium at $34.00 to $42.99 right here.

Target – ALL Sold Out

WalMart – They have Dot Starlight in Stock for $24.97

The hardest to get your hands on? Jewels Sparkles and Mitten Fluff n’ Stuff.

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