Last Minute Halloween Masks: Download & Print Right Now!


Did you totally drop the ball in getting a Halloween costume together for your little one? If so, don’t fret you can create a cute outfit right from the comfort of your own home featuring a stellar mask! You don’t have to go to the store to get this colorful mask, you just download it and print it out on your home computer.

JHillDesign created this trio of masks starring a elephant, a giraffe and a tiger. The inspiration was from a trip to Jacmel, Haiti where she worked with local artists back in 2009. To get the masks, you just pay a mere $3.00 and an email is sent to you with a link to the download. And then you just print it out! Pair it with a basic outfit and maybe just a bit of flare and they’re ready for trick or treating.  You can also order the whole set for $8.00 right here.

Check out all three of the wild designs below!

Via: Bambino Goodies

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