Last-Minute Holiday Craft = Last-Minute Holiday Cards.


The other day, I realized we haven’t received many Christmas cards this year. And then I realized that we moved and didn’t tell anyone our new address. Duh. And oops. So today, being the last day of school, is a rad opportunity to 1.) come up with something to do in the afternoon and 2.) make Christmas cards! So that’s exactly what we’re doing. Here’s what they might look like.

Keep reading after the jump for some last-minute, easy DIY,  holiday card ideas…

Great idea from Planet Green.

Make these on an oversized index card. Done.

Photo card and envelope from Two Cities. Two Friends.

And I love this idea from Green Baby Guide.

It’s no Kardashian Christmas card. But it will do.

What are you doing this year? Anyone have any other last-minute card ideas?

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