Let it All Hang Out


Paper Bird Decoration by EebooGarlands, and mobiles, and dream-catchers, oh my!

One of the reasons I love kid decor is that you can get away with all sorts of fun and whimsical touches that would be really hard to pull off in a grown-up space. Hanging accessories are just such a thing. Add a garland to any wall, suspend a mobile or a dream-catcher in a corner or over the bed, and instantly the space feels more layered, more lived-in, more quirky and personal.

The new floating birds from Eeboo are an awesome and super inexpensive (just $6 each!) example, and they will work anywhere. I would love them strung from the ceiling in front of a window or even tied to a chandelier. Use one or opt for a flock.

Click through to see a darling new dream-catcher, and my picks for great garlands.

New from Bla Bla, these knitted Dream Rings are super sweet:

Knittted Dream Rings from Bla Bla

The world of garlands is vast and wonderful, but these two from Oeuf and Famille Summerbelle top my list:

knitted garland by Oeuf

Famille Summerbelle Paper Banner

Photos: Eeboo, Bla Bla, Oeuf, Famille Summerbelle