Levi's Fit Challenge: What I Learned, What I Saw


I spent this weekend in Pennsylvania, where I stopped by the Willow Grove Macy’s to host a Levi’s Fit Challenge event. There was music, food, drinks, make-overs — and most importantly, the Levi’s Fit Experts were there to help Macy’s shoppers find the perfect jeans for their body types.

Take a peek at the event, and see what valuable advice I learned along the way:

Here are some things I learned from the Levi’s Fit Experts:

  • If you like the low-rise cut but you hate that your pants often reveal too much from behind, try changing your Curve ID. Levi’s has a new line of Curve ID jeans, from Slight Curve to Bold Curve. If you need a little more coverage in the back, the Bold Curve comes up higher in the back while still staying low up front.
  • Demi Curve seemed to be the most common Curve ID at the event. And their Mid-Rise Skinny took the prize for most loved.
  • If you missed a local Levi’s Fit Challenge event, try filling out this online quiz to find your Levi’s Curve ID. The fit experts measured each customer before recommending a style of jeans (for a more fool-proof fit), but you can get a general idea with their online quiz. I love how Levi’s is going beyond your numbered size and looking at the entire fit.
  • Your jeans (especially “skinny” jeans) shouldn’t have baggy fabric on your thighs, meaning that it’s not the right fit. Go a size smaller — you might be surprised at the results.
  • Especially petite women could have a hard time finding jeans that fit. The solution? Check the Levi’s section in the Junior’s Department. They have Curve ID jeans, as well.

DJ for the event/video music: DJ A-Run

And a big thanks for Levi’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.


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