Lift & Lighten


Those words could be used in reference to a lot of different things and spark your interest: your hair (I would love mine to have some highlights these days) or your bum (definitely could use more lift!). But what I’m referring to in this post is eye cream. As my 37th birthday quickly approaches, I’ve got to thinking more and more about wrinkles. And my eyes are definitely my tell-tale age give-away. But I recently discovered Md Skincare Lift & Lighten Eye Cream. It has crazy technology to work on those wrinkles but also has vitamin K and kojic acid that apparently work together to not only lighten dark circles but also stimulate circulation to brighten the area around the eyes.

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At $60 bucks a pop it’s not cheap however I’ve found the bottle lasts about 5 or 6 months. You can buy it on

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