Lillian Vernon is Ready for Halloween! 5 Awesome & Spooky Picks


Lillian Vernon

Lillian Vernon is known for the personalized this and that including cheery backpacks, school pencils and toys. But there is a dark side to Lillian Vernon by way of their Halloween collection! You can load up on some spooky, scary and stylish goodies from the popular retailer, and it ALL happens to be on sale too! Check out five of our favorites for this Halloween season right here.

(above) Vampire Family Busts – $3.49- $4.49 (on sale) here.

Carved Halloween Pumpkins – $10.98 each or if you buy two they’re $7.98 each.

Candy Corn Wreath and Garland – Wreath $24.99 here.

Bag o Bones – $19.98 here.

Black Bird – 2 Large for $14.98 or 5 baby crows for $14.98 here.

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