Living It Up!


It’s my 24hr-a-day-8-day-a-week-13-month-a-year joy (and – hurrah! – JOB) to find the very best to celebrate about Living With A Capital-L – as the editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart Living magazine, there’s not a minute my mind isn’t whirring over some new way to learn, do, make, experience or share great, fun, interesting, surprising, clever ideas and things. In the office or a photo studio; at stores, museums or galleries; in restaurants or cafes; out on the sidewalk (iced coffee in hand); at friends’ houses (or up on their roofs or in their gardens); online, in books and magazines or just lounging around at home, I’m always on the lookout for the “!!!” thing.

At work – whether it’s cooking, entertaining, crafting, decorating, homekeeping, collecting or gardening – we find ways to make life a little lovelier, systems a little smarter, every day a little easier and more beautiful. I bring all of that home, and toss in a good dose of my real life: the husband, the kids (two), the guinea pigs (two too), the school, the schedule, the STUFF and a go-go-go anything-can-happen kind of lifestyle in NYC. The result? The Little Home That Can: a calm, comfortable haven in which to ride out the crazy when it (inevitably, right?) comes.

On any given day our apartment is (for starters) a gallery, gymnasium, restaurant, cinema, hotel, storeroom, classroom, or spa – not a stage set but the setting for any kind of activity you can imagine (I know yours is the same). Our home isn’t for showing-off, it’s for sharing – for having family and friends over to hang out, cook, craft or celebrate something big or small (or anything at all really). Superflexible, completely custom-made (by us) and perfectly imperfect – we wouldn’t have it any other way (not that we’re not always looking for ways to tweak it a little).

My home is pretty much my favorite place to be, and I’m looking forward to opening my door (and my contact lists) to you all – helping you find things you’ll fall in love with and learning something together about living it up along the way. So, Hi, great to meet you! Let’s do this!

* This little yellow house is everything I think a home should be in felt, vintage linen and thread – simple, sunny and smile-inducing. It’s by castleandthings – yes, they’re in Australia, but Rachel will ship her handmade graphic treasures anywhere. If you ask, she’ll make something especially for you too.

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