Living Social Vs. Groupon: Who Will Win the Coupon War?


Everybody loves a bargain, a discount, a deal or a steal. And for families on a budget – and really who isn’t these days finding a great price on things for your family has become of the utmost importance. And a couple of companies are banking on this need for paying less…Living Social and Groupon. But which will prevail and will the battle of the coupon wars? 

Earlier in the month Amazon gave Living Social $175 million dollars, a wise move on Amazon’s part as they continue to corner the market on ecommerce. And Groupon, their CEO avoided every single question on the Today show about he reportedly said no to Google’s $6 billion dollar offer.

In an interview last week he was asked “I know that you don’t want to talk about competitors. But LivingSocial’s CEO said in a Bloomberg article that Amazon’s investment will ensure they’re not bringing a knife to the gun fight. What are you bringing to the table?” His answer?

“Smiles and teddy bears, like always. We’re bringing a focus on building a great product that consumers and merchants love to use. Everything else takes care of it itself.”

Smiles and teddy bears…good answer!  But both discount networks have some amazing deals, a great way to for us families to save a few bucks.

Do you use either off these coupon sites? Or both? If so which one do you like better?

And you can check our Living Social here or GroupOn here.