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rubiks cube art

This portrait of President Obama is made from 2,622 Rubik’s Cubes.

Yesterday we mentioned that there was a new Rubik’s Cube on the market (for the next generation of frustrated, puzzle-loving kids), and we rounded-up the coolest Rubik-inspired designs, including a Sudoku-Rubik’s hybrid that’s still making my head spin.

Yet beyond just trying to solve the darn puzzle, some incredible minds decided to use this iconic classic toy to create pieces of modern art.

Known as Rubik Cubism (largely credited to the French artist called Invader), there’s actually an entire modern art movement that uses Rubik’s Cubes to create mosaics. (And yes, they insist on having to solve the Rubik’s Cube first! I guess after your 900th Cube it must get easy…)

Of course these pieces look best viewed from afar, so step back and marvel at more of our favorite pieces of Rubik’s Cube Art:

Rubik's Cube art

The great Stephen Colbert portrait was created by artist Dave Litwin with 768 Rubik’s Cubes.

rubik's cube

This portrait of Elton John was in an art gallery in Toronto.

rubik's cube

Dalai Lama

rubik's cubism

Space Invaders

rubik's cube

Bonnie and Clyde

rubik's cube

The Shining

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