Mac App Store: Open for Business!


Mac App Store

Attention Mac users: the Mac App Store opened today, January 6, with over 1,000 available free and paid apps! Some say it’s about time, and some say they aren’t so sure, but this means that through the Mac App Store, you can now easily purchase Mac software in a similar way to how you would download apps and media for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

In fact, you use your iTunes ID and password to make your purchases, and with one click, the software is all yours! Automatically, your apps are downloaded, installed and placed in the Dock for your instant use.

You can conveniently browse Mac apps by doing a quick, specific search or by categories (like games, productivity, music, plus many other options).

In order to access the Mac App Store, Mac users will have to update Snow Leopard with new software. Snow Leopard users can update to Mac OS X 10.6.6, either by using the Mac’s built-in Software Update or by downloading it manually from Apple’s website. Looks like Mac users can say goodbye to time consuming installation processes and download boxes.

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