Mac Cosmetics: Viva Glam Campaign 2011 & Makeup Tricks


Lady Gaga signs up again for M.A.C’s Viva Glam campaign in 2011. I am looking forward to seeing the fun products this next year! I am personally a sucker for any kind of trick or secret for applying makeup. If you are you looking for some makeup tricks we have found a few that you will love! These tricks would also be great to teach your daughter when she reaches that age when she can wear makeup!

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  • Apply a treatment balm before you apply your lipstick, it will make your lips look finer & softer
  • Apply a little powder on your eyelashes, then the mascara to make them appear thicker
  • Do not change your beauty care products very often, your skin doesn’t adapt very easily
  • To avoid concealer gathering inside the fine creases under your eye, first apply a special cream for the area of your eyes
  • Don’t wash your face with very hot or very cold water. It can lead to broken veins.

Image Credit: Mac Cosmetics