Made In The Shade, Wherever You Are


Tent in a Bag by Mommy ToolboxLast summer, when my fair-skinned infant spent the bulk of her time lying about on blankets in the grass, I spent the bulk of my time searching for shade. Or, in the event none could be found, channeling my inner MacGyver in attempts to jerry-rig a small sun shelter using only a stroller and a burp cloth. If only the Tent in a Bag from Mommy Toolbox had been around then.

This concept is so simple but so useful. It’s just a large piece of tie-dye fabric (hooray for the return of tie-dye!) and four plastic clamps, plus a little pouch for storing it all. Not only can you create a bit of shade wherever you need it, older kids can use the kit to build forts or tents around on the house on a rainy afternoon. Brilliant!

More pics and ordering info after the jump.

Tent in a Bag kit by Mommy Toolbox

Tent in a Bag is available through Mommy Toolbox’s site for $28.

Plastic clamps from Mommy Toolbox

Photos: Mommy Toolbox

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