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Desk Amigos

Coming up with creative ways to hold desk supplies generally just turns into purchasing new plastic containers with a different colored lid.  It’s hard to find a useful alternative to the usual boxes without sacrificing the functionality of the container.  LAMA – Latin America in the Modern Age – offers an awesome solution sure to please you and the kids.  Handmade from 100% recycled Argentine leather, Desk Amigos are playful container alternatives for desk supplies, shaped to hold your necessities and liven up your desk space.

desk amigos

desk amigos

“Hank” the caterpillar needs the right supplies to round out his humps – and pencils in between to section him off.  He’ll gladly carry your markers, paper clips, erasers or thumbtacks — and won’t bug you to take him outdoors.  Talk about the perfect pet!  Your kids will love doing creative tasks while utilizing the caterpillar to keep things tidy.  On sale now for only $28, grab him before he wiggles away!

desk amigos

The Desk Amigo Pig is a great soft alternative to the fragile piggy bank – with the same love for cash.  Make saving fun for your child by adding this creatively designed bank to a desk, sure to fit into any decor.  The pig makes retrieval of money a little less drastic than breaking the bank (no pun intended), but secure enough to ward off temptation.  The Desk Amigo pig is on sale now for only $35 — time to break open that old piggy bank?

Check out all the awesome Latin American offerings from LAMA on their website!


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