Map-inspired Art Quilts—A route I'll gladly follow


map quilt

Quilt-making no longer has to be associated with your grandma’s craft, nor traditional geometric, symmetrical layouts.  Check out these amazing map quilts from artist Ian Hundley, sure to entice even the most traditional eye.

map quilt

Ian Hundley is a Brooklyn-based, Ontario-native artist who creates map-inspired large-scale quilts.  He began adulthood as a model in New York City, where he soon gained an interest in art and later chose fabric as his main medium.

map quilt

Each abstract quilt map represents and is based on a real location, mostly from Hundley’s high school Geography book he treasures in his studio to this day.  In all of his jumbled lines there is a flawless science to the way the maps show movement and organization, much like an actual road map.

map quilt

How does he keep track of all those colors? Hundley creates a drawn diagram for each quilt that acts as a guide for his pattern and color choices; the diagram looks much like a paint-by-number guide. He sews the quilts himself, and creates pieces for his own art collection and on commission.

These amazing quilts are a great example of how quilting is slowly growing more hip, so dust off that old sewing machine!

Visit Ian Hundley’s website for a full gallery of his works.


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