Matryoshka Doll Birthday Party


A few years ago I threw my daughter a Matryoshka Doll Themed Birthday Party after her sweet cousin used her allowance to purchase a set for her as a gift.  It was very touching and alas a party-theme was born!  It was a lot of fun to create and admittedly since then I’ve started noticing matryoshka-themed products everywhere.  And I always think, “if only I’d seen that then!”.  Here are several additions to the original party:

Matryoshka Pins – $10 (per family of 5 :))

Matryoshka Measuring Cups – $55

Matryoshka Doll Hanging Ornament – $5

Nesting Doll Glasses/Cups – $17 for a s/3

Paint-them-Yourself Nesting Dolls Kit – $24