May the Force Be With...These Star Wars Cookies!


Have you ever wanted to take a bite out of crime…literally? And not just any old  crime but rather some intergalactic madness and mayham? Then you know what might be a good fit for you to feast on? Yummy, delicious Star Wars cookies where you can chew up Darth Vader and take a chunk out of some Stromtroppers. But if you would like some sweet along with your sour, you can instead perhaps nibble on good old beloved Yoda. How does one create such amazing feats of cookie awesomeness in a land not far far away but in your own kitchen?

With the Star Wars cookie cutter set sold exclusively at William Sonoma. It is still amazing to me that film is just as popular as it was over thirty years, with Star Wars fans spanning over multiple generations. My own daughter has gotten bitten by the bug, a phrase I went through when I was near her age.

The set, it’s perfect for families like mine. It includes four cookie cutters: Darth Vader, Yoda, Boba Fett and the stormtrooper. And they’re pretty fancy schmancy cookie cutters, they feature spring-loaded stamps so that you use the outside edges to cut out the character’s shape and then you push down on the stamps to create the imprints of the character’s features. Add some white, black and green and you’ve got some colorful Star Wars magic to snack on.

You can getting baking Star Wars style for $19.95 right here.