Mealtime: Check Out This Tear-Off Pad Of Bibs!


Nothing stinks more than opening my diaper bag or purse up at a restaurant and realizing I didn’t pack a bib for my son, who is notorious for getting gobs of anything (pizza sauce, ice cream, soup) all over his shirt.

Worse than that? Discovering a used bib with crusty mystery meat caked all over it–yuck!  After the jump, a stylish, innovative solution that assures you and I will always have bibs on hand for our toddlers–again and again–well, 20x again. Learn more about my fab mealtime find after the jump. DwellStudio’s Bibs to Go are functional and disposable. (They are also reusable depending on mess–or should I say, no mess.) One pack includes a thin, so-cool tear-off pad of 20 brightly-dotted bibs, with an over-the-head design that fits comfortably, while saving shirt after shirt from spills and fork airplanes gone wrong.

Yes, your child will love to wear this bib, especially when you let him thumb through the pad and pick one out all by himself, hint, hint.

As with all DwellStudio products, expect modern and distinctive graphics, like structured trees, animals and sunshine. $10.39,

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