Meet Puxxle, A Pixel Puzzle for Your Walls


Imagine what it would be like to take a bath with a shark, to have a cactus that doesn’t sting or to laughingly reach into an alligator’s mouth. Pixel by pixel, you can create, let grow and have your dream come true. The Puxxle makes everything possible.


  • Puxxle Squirrel ($24) 1 of 8
    Puxxle Squirrel ($24)
    Step 1: Clean the surface.
  • Puxxle Hedgehog ($24) 2 of 8
    Puxxle Hedgehog ($24)
    Step 2: Measure where you want your Puxxle to be.
  • Puxxle Cactus ($59) 3 of 8
    Puxxle Cactus ($59)
    Step 3: Peel decals slowly and carefully from backing.
  • Puxxle Reindeer ($59) 4 of 8
    Puxxle Reindeer ($59)
    Step 4: Firmly press surface of sticker onto your wall.
  • Puxxle Shark ($59) 5 of 8
    Puxxle Shark ($59)
    Step 5: Smooth out any bubbles along the way
  • Puxxle Alligator ($24) 6 of 8
    Puxxle Alligator ($24)
    The high quality vinyl is rated for 3-4 years outdoor durability, and more indoors.
  • Detailed instructions in each kit 7 of 8
    Detailed instructions in each kit
    The decals can be applied to most indoor walls, mirror, glass, metal, plastic, etc.
  • Vinyl pixel squares included in each kit 8 of 8
    Vinyl pixel squares included in each kit
    The adhesives are easily removable and should not leave any marks on most surfaces.


Visit the Puxxle website to order or for more information.


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