Meet Zylie The Bear! The Best Globetrotting Gift for Your Girl


Looking for the perfect gift for that bear lovin’ girl of yours? A bear that isn’t just cute, isn’t just sweet but is well dressed, well designed and well traveled?  Well, we have found her. Meet Zylie the bear.

Zylie isn’t just a basic brown bear. She has a rich back story. And Zylie isn’t just sturdy and soft plush toy but she is an adventurous globetrotter with her treks being chronicled in a series of books. The first edition is The Adventures of Zylie the Bear New York where she visits Central Park and The American Museum of Natural History, it is a cute tale and is educational as well.

Zylie comes delivered in a very attractive outfit designed by Katie Fong that includes jeans, a modern floral tunic and a warm white coat. She also comes with a orange messenger bag that is equipped with a mini passport, diary and a fold out map of the world.

Future destinations includes Moscow, Tokyo, Cape Town, Paris and Cairo but really,  we’d follow Zylie anywhere. She is just that cool.

And for the boys or girls who like them, there is Shen the Panda, Zylie’s male counterpart. Plus you can add to Zylie’s wardrobe with a collection of outfits that can be purchased separately .

You can travel along with Zylie and purchase the Zylie the Bear kit right here for $75.

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