Memorial Day: Ideas & Celebration


There are many reasons to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. Here are some ideas you can do: Send out memorable Memorial Day invitations and take some time to remember, fly the flag, and enjoy every minute of the long weekend with good friends and family. You can decorate your home with red, white & blue!

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Memorial Day Party Decor Ideas:
1. No symbol is more fitting than the American flag. You can display them with flag poles made specifically for decks, yards and picnics and even tailgate parties! Remember if you’re flying an American flag, it flies at half-mast until noon.
2. Decorate with red, white and blue balloons, flowers, vases, tablecloths and tableware.
3. Make votive candle holders for each place setting. Start by painting 2½-inch clay pots using red, white and blue acrylic paints. Make simple printed black and white copies of ancestor family photos, reducing the size of the photos to fit below the rim of the clay pot. Adhere the photos to the side of the pots using craft glue. Paint the glue over the photo to seal the photo and the edges. The glue will dry clear. Place a votive or tea candle light in each candle holder.