MEOW for Hello Kitty Monopoly


Hello Kitty Monopoly Board GameWith the holidays almost here, amazing family gifts that the whole family can actually enjoy together are a rarity. Of course, there are those favorite board games but really, we’ve all been there and done that.

With iPhone, iPads and Wii’s making making the rounds, it’s hard to impress our kids with a wee little board game.

Until now…

Hello Kitty Monopoly Board Game

The Hello Kitty Monopoly is the perfect antidote to holiday doldrums when you’re stuck inside with nothing to do. A bit frisky and always fun, the whole family will want to play. Everything has been redesigned to fit with the kitty theme. The board game is set in the kitty hometown of London and instead of the old thimble and horse cart you can play with the Milk Bottle, Fish Bowl, Lunch Box, Bow, Teddy, or Apples.

A fresh spin on an old board game classic!