Midnight (and 2am and 4am...) Diaper Changes Are a Drag


But they can be a little more tolerable if you have some baby sleep sacks! It’s funny, with my first baby four years ago, I just didn’t get these things. You pick up your baby and they ride up, get caught on their feet, and sort of look silly. This time, after baby number 2 (just 2 months old!), it finally dawned on me what their purpose is: nighttime diaper changing. You’re half asleep and the last thing you want to deal with is unsnapping and re-snapping a 12-button union suit-type thing (not the best design for newborns you’re changing umpteen times a day). If your baby is swaddled up at night like mine is, it keeps the sleep sack in place and doesn’t ride up. So then you just have to un-swaddle and re-swaddle and with the sleep sacks you just lift up, change the diaper, and pull it down again. So easy I don’t know why I didn’t take advantage of these the first time around.

Partly because I didn’t know of these adorable (and organic) ones by Kate Quinn

They even come in a 3-pack gift set on the Kate Quinn Organics website.  Great color combos and would make a great shower gift. And they also have some printed kimono style versions.

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