Mix and Match with Clump-O-Lumps Toys


You know the kids’ game where you line up the top, middle, and bottom of people (or animals, or both) to make crazy creations? I’ve seen countless variations on the theme: spiral-bound board books with the pages split into thirds, wooden blocks, magnetic versions for the fridge, even online computer games and mobile apps. I’d never seen a stuffed animal version before though, until now. Check it out…

Knock Knock, purveyors of awesome, has come out with the new stuffed animal line Clump-O-Lumps. Choose any two of the animals available (tiger, from, shark, bee, squid, or bird), then unzip them and reattach in any order you please. Even just one would be cool to take apart; they’re insides are kind of funny! Check ’em out in action in the video below.

Clump-O-Lumps are available right here for $25 each.

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