Mommy's Time Out - Wine Just For Mama


After putting little Jimmy or tiny Tabitha in the corner as punishment for their bad behavior, moms can feel a bit rough around the edges, to say the least. You know what these weary women need? Their own time-outs. But with one very special added ingredient…wine.

Enter the Mommy’s Time Out table wines. The varietals all from Italy include a Pinot Grigio, a Zinfandel, and a Primitivo Rosso.

Countless moms indulge in a glass of vino at the day’s end. It’s not, hopefully, that the kids are driving them to drink, but rather that mommy just needs a bit of ‘me time.’ And if there aren’t any pesky health issues, it’s a wonderful way to unwind. And one of the best things – which makes pretty much any mommy smile – is the price. It’s just $9 or $10 bucks a bottle.  You can order some yourself, depending on the state you live in, from right here.

Via Buzzfeed