Monday Mom Outfit: Spring Sailor Trend for $70 Head to Toe


We all know becoming a mom means putting yourself last, and that often translates to looking like something the cat dragged in.  But inexpensive + last minute doesn’t have to = dowdy.  Jeans & a tee can look adorable even at rock bottom prices, IF you can remember how to shop like a teenager.  You can even snag this spring’s hot sailor trend look for a steal. Find out where to get this entire outfit, shoes included, for only $65 after the jump…

Throw this outfit together like this:

Irregular Striped Scarf, $7.80

Raglan Striped Top, $17.80

Basic Pull-On Jeggings, $15.80
Think you can’t rock jeggings? Wait until you try these, they’re like industrial strength spanx with a thick elastic waist that puts post-baby love handles in check. Worth 10X the price.

Perforated Leatherette Dress Shoes, $25.80