Monster Trucks and Ponies


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My husband and I try to let our kids explore their interests as they please. My daughter has her share of dolls, but she also has a train set. My little boy has construction toys, but he also likes to pretend to cook. Sometimes we all sing, sometimes we make music, and sometimes we quietly read. When they want to paint, there’s an easel within reach. Want to build with blocks? Have at it! Who are we to limit what they want to play with? I mean, except for the matches. Those are totally off-limits, you guys.

Their interests are leading them down fairly predictable roads though. My little girl picked out bedding with ponies on it. My son? He’s into monster trucks. How did my girl turn out so girly, and my boy so boyish?

Monster Truck Love

My husband recently brought home two new cups with crazy straws built-in. He picked up a pink one with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it for my daughter, and a blue one with an old-timey muscle man on it for my son. They like to have their orange juice out of them in the morning, but my girl’s favorite color is blue and she claimed the muscle man for herself.

That was just fine with my son, because he liked the hearts on the pink one.

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