More Ebay Finds: Stay Cool In a Caftan


Ok I’m a sucker for a caftan in the summer. I wore them pre-pregnancy, during, and will wear this summer post-pregnancy in hopes of hiding some of my extra baby weight. They are just too easy to throw on with a long necklace and sandals and call it a day (and a chic day at that!). I always wear mine with gladiators but the ladies in these photos are rockin’ them with heels and I have to say they look pretty darn cute. If you’ve never gone the caftan route, at first you may feel a wee bit like you’re channeling Mrs. Roper but trust me, you look chic! And the voluminous fabric fits so perfect over a pregnant belly. The best part is that they are a piece you can wear now and later, post-baby. There were literally hundreds under the search “vintage caftan” but here are some that jumped out at me…

This one (starting bid $12.95) is obviously the same seller as first pic (starting bid $10.49, sale ends on that one today!). Love the way she styled these… This seller has about 20 different caftans on ebay right now.

The colors in this one are stunning! Starting bid $12.50.

If you don’t feel like wearing a mini, you can always pair this one with cropped leggings. Starting bid is $9.95.

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