Most Stylish Nativity Set Like...EVER!


If your into the whole putting up an nativity set kinda thing, but you have modern tastes, finding a stylish yet still symbolic nativity scene for display can be a challenge. Often they are funky, plastic or just not aesthetically pleasing. But this simple, bright and colorful set designed by Alexander Girard? It’s not just an homage to Christmas but to the folk artists unique style and vision.

And Alexander Girard, nativity scenes were near and dear to his heart. The last years of his life were spent collecting a wide variety of nativity scenes for his wing at the International Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This set was created by House Industries from an illustration that hangs at his son’s home. It includes thirteen pieces that have been printed with non-toxic inks onto solid maple wood.

But style and substance often times does not come cheap. This set retails for $530. You can find out more or order the set right here from House Industries.