My Fashionable Friend Friday: One Silk Scarf, Several Chic Looks


When is a scarf not a scarf? When it’s a halter top or a hip slung sarong. Having spent a week on a sailboat in Greece I witnessed first hand the many ways that a women can wear a silk scarf—in this case one by Hermes. Our hostess, Candice, who happens to work for the storied French fashion house appeared everyday in a different silk scarf that she alternately tied around her head, her hips, and her torso as a halter top paired with jeans. (For the record she also wore a different swimsuit each of the seven days I was on board.) Even though I was aware of the diversity of an Hermes, or any, large silk scarf, I was impressed with Candice’s stylish use of her collection, and thought this would make the perfect subject for today’s My Fashionable Friend Fridays.

I know there are only two unofficial weeks of summer left, but if you are planning to spend any part of them pool, sea or lake-side, I strongly recommend grabbing a silk scarf and tying one on for a variety of chic looks to take you from morning to night. And it does not have to be from the House of Hermes. Any large silk scarf will suffice. Click here to learn 10 ways to tie scarf. See some scarf selects after the jump.

Alexander McQueen silk scarf.

Prova Pacman polka dot silk scarf.

Tory Burch checkmates silk scarf

Aerie by American Eagle printed silk scarf.

Lily Pulitzer Murphee Scarf

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