My Fashionable Friend Fridays: A Dress for all Seasons


As I get ready for a trip sailing around the Greek  Isles followed by a visit to family in the South of France, my focus should be on swimsuits, sandals, and sarongs. But, ironically,  I have been thinking about transition pieces—specifically Fall 2010 clothing  that you can buy (because it’s in the stores) and wear now. And so for this installment of my Fashionable Friend Fridays, I am focusing on my lovely friend Malia Mills, and her “Blind Date” dress which she has worn on a few occasions when we’ve been together. (By the way, that is the fabulous dress pictured at left, but the equally lovely girl is not the lovely Malia.) It also happens to be  perfect dress to wear, well, pretty much all year round.

Given it’s summer, Malia has been pairing the dress with the Barcelona sandals that she co-designed. Once the cooler weather sets in, I know she will wear the dress with one of the many black boots she owns. When its too cold to bare legs, let alone arms, she will no doubt add leggings or tights.

While the footwear will change from season to season, Malia will keep her jewelry consistent. And of course, it works perfectly with all of her ensembles. She is always adorned in a black leather cuff and wrist wrap, a bronze dagger-like charm on knotted up chains that she describes as “bad ass but not too tough”, and what is truly her signature piece, a delicate shorter silver chain from which hangs a tiny circular diamond and small cross that she bought from a New York street vendor for $15.

Because Malia looks so amazing when she wears the “Blind Date” dress and because the dress itself is so flattering, I found myself trying (and buying) one the last time I was in her store purchasing a new swimsuit for our sailing trip. Originally thinking it should stay behind, Malia convinced me to take the dress along—not the least of her reasoning being the fabric travels well. And so into the suitcase it will go. Now if only I could find room (and reason) to pack my Frye engineer boots as well. See seasonal styling pieces after the jump.

Summer: Malia Mills Barcelona Sandals.

Fall: Bottega Venetta Suede Wedge Ankle Boot

Winter: Frye Engineer Boot

Spring: Alaia Printed Calf Hair Ballerina Flats

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