My Favorite Etsy Shop Has a Brand New Collection. And it's Gorgeous.


Kiki Fluhr of The Measure is my absolute favorite children’s designer on Etsy.

She somehow captures the essence of childhood in her clothes — that literary, imaginative, daydreamers-and-explorers type of childhood. The kind of childhood that finds you traipsing into the wildflowers, barefoot, chasing a butterfly. Or walking down a dirt road with a stack of school books in your hand, kicking rocks as you go. A fresh-air and crisp-nights type of childhood.

No iPads or video games — just a simpler time.

The kind of childhood I read about, and the kind of childhood we like to remember.

And her latest collection — quirkier and more colorful than her past collections — is simply stunning:

Did you see the Shakespeare quote? Love it.

Shop The Measure on Etsy.

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