My Very Favorite Disney Ride (What's Yours?)


One of my favorite Disney rides of all time has always been Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. You get to go to get hit by a train and go to hell at the end! Weasles in red pointy devil horns! What more could you want? But having recently been to both Disneyland and Disney World, I feel like I can say with complete confidence that I finally know what my favorite favorite ride is. (These are important things to know about yourself, after all.)

Peter Pan’s Flight! When your pirate ship soars over the twinkling lights of London, don’t you just die of happiness just a little bit?

After the jump, a few things you may not know about the Peter Pan dark ride at Disneyland.

Did you know, according to, in 1983 when Fantasyland was remodeled, an animatronic Peter Pan was placed in the ride to alleviate the apparent confusion the riders would feel upon realizing that Peter Pan wasn’t in his own ride? The original intent was that you were Peter Pan, seeing London and Neverland from his POV. Until 1983, that is.

Also worth noting: in the Disney World version, the Jolly Roger does NOT turn gold from pixie dust. There are also no stars in the sky above London. Ticket buyer beware.

But, due to long lines, you can get a Fast Pass for Peter Pan at Disney World. Not so in Anaheim. (That line in Anaheim is LONG. 45 minutes at least, every time. But, worth it. Every time.)

And now you know!

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