National Hug Day: A Fun Family Event


Today is National Hug Day, January 21st 2011. This day is also known as Weltknuddeltag 2011. Why not make this day a fun family event! This is an opportunity to give and to receive. Give a hug, and you automatically receive one in return. Hopefully! Hug Day was founded on January 21, 1986 in Caro, Michigan. Since then, National Hug Day has spread to Canada, England, Australia, Germany and Poland. Hugs are therapeutic. Hugs are caring. Hugs are celebratory. Celebrate today by giving hugs to family, friends and loved ones. You’ll love the warm feeling you get.

Keep reading after the jump to find out ways to celebrate National Hug Day with your family!

View the official Website of National Hug Day!

Join or create a Hug Club
Substitute hugs for handshakes.
Try to create the longest National Hugging Day chain.
Hold a Hug-a-thon at your home, church, or just about anywhere!
Always ask first and make the day fun for everyone, especially family and friends!

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