New Art Show | Lisa Solomon - Solo Exhibition



I have such admiration for Lisa Solomon’s work and so I’m super-excited to share with you her new work and installation called “SEN” at a solo exhibition opening November 15th at Fouladi Projects in San Francisco.  Lisa explains her new work:

For this exhibition I am honing in on the Japanese historical and cultural fixation on the number 1000. I have made work interpreting 1000 cranes, 1000 buddhas, 1000 cherry trees, as well as stitched a version of Senninbari [the good luck belts traditionally composed of 1000 French knots, made by women and worn by their husbands to protect them while while at war].

There will also be an installation of 1000 doilies, made from 100 different hues of thread, hand crocheted by myself and over 45 different women from around the world. They will be arranged in a manner which will explore color and color theory. From one of each set of 10 doilies will dangle strands of thread, left purposefully to hang as a tangible testimony to process, functioning both as a remnant of the passage of time, and as a way to coax the work into a three dimensional space.


The show opens Friday, November 15 with an artist reception from 6-8pm.  Fouladi Projects, 1803 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, 415 | 621.2535
up through December 21.  Facebook event here.