NEW for 2011: The Piggyback Rider: Carry Your Kids Anywhere You Go!


The Piggyback Rider is brand new product debuting at ABC with a unique solution to a very common problem. When my kids were old enough to get out of the stroller they never wanted to go back. Unfortunately, when their three year old legs ran out of gas they didn’t want to walk around much either. Standard baby backpack carriers always seemed like too much of a pain to deal with, so we need up either fighting them into a stroller or carrying them on our hip.
With the Piggyback Rider, instead of letting young children sit in some sort of seat that you carry on your back, you let them stand on a small platform attached to a harness an adult wears, while they are attached via their own small harness. And unlike regular backpack carriers where the child’s view is basically the back of Mom or Dad’s head, the Piggyback Rider lets your child look above and over your head. Keep reading to find out more.

But it isn’t just a good idea, the execution on that idea is really great. It’s fully adjustable, so you can adjust how close your child is to you as well as raise the platform so he or she can get a really good view over your head (as in a crowd of people). It only weighs 2.5 pounds and comes in a nylon bag that folds in on itself. And parts of that same nylon also act as a mud flap to protect the adult from their children’s dirty shoes.

The Piggyback Rider is recommended door kids 2 1/2 to 7 years old and retails for $69.99. You can buy one or find out more info at —Chris Ford

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