New from FLOR! A preview of their Spring 2012 styles


The new Spring 2012 FLOR Catalog will hit homes in just two weeks and we’ve got a preview of their newest styles and colors of the season (not yet posted online).  Their spring collection offers new berbers with the look of sisal, a playful array of new, bold patterns and a colorful collection of fresh solids.  (Above: Weave a Story – $15.99 per tile.) The product will be available at Click below for a sneak peek!

  • Sweater Weather 1 of 9
    Sweater Weather
    Sweater weather is a familiar cabled look in complex yarns. Create your own handmade composition by laying yours straight, parquet or try mixing it up.
    $13.99 per tile.
  • Roadside Attraction 2 of 9
    Roadside Attraction
    The weaving of tire tracks left behind gave inspiration to this chunky, loopy style.
    $15.99 per tile.
  • Remembrance 3 of 9
    Remembrance is a mélange of Persian rug references in a modern remix.
    $14.99 per tile.
  • Mod Cow 4 of 9
    Mod Cow
    This cow is loopy and fuzzy and all squares are slightly different just like the ones in the barn.
    $14.99 per tile.
  • Mind Map 5 of 9
    Mind Map
    Though made up of pieces it becomes one unified whole no matter how you put it down. Such is a mind map. Looks best laid straight.
    $11.99 per tile.
  • Look Both Ways 6 of 9
    Look Both Ways
    This herringbone texture has neutral heathered yarns zigging in one direction then zagging in another. Miraculously, the seams disappear if you lay them straight and also give a subtle basket weave if you lay them in a parquet style.
    $11.99 per tile.
  • Heirloom 7 of 9
    Overtly romantic colorations and low contrast, active patterning give a vibe that hints that your vintage inspired rug saw some fun in the age of jazz.
    $15.99 per tile.
  • Arabesque 8 of 9
    One of the most popular motifs in modern textile design, FLOR's interpretation of this paisley adds a bit of geometry to the iconic organic swirl.
    $14.99 per tile.
  • Heavy Petal 9 of 9
    Heavy Petal
    This is a perfect quiet design for the bedroom.
    $15.99 per tile.

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