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I love lookbooks and catalogues don’t you? Sometimes they have the coolest decorating tricks! Toast’s new Autumn Winter 2011 House and Home Catalogue just launched today with heaps of ideas and I thought I’d highlight some favourite products and the cool decorating tricks that go with them today.  (Above photo: Aldreth Pajama Top + Bottom).  Cool Decorating Trick? The screen made out of used crates.  Could be fruit or vegetable crates, wine crates or even better, vintage crates and then hinged together.  See more ideas I found after the jump!

  • Glycerine Soaps + Silk Padded Hangers 1 of 14
    Glycerine Soaps + Silk Padded Hangers

    Cool Decorating Trick: How about these colourful glycerine soaps in a dome? So clever and pretty! (And the hangers displayed on a rope in a room is always fun, yes?
  • Tin Trunks 2 of 14
    Tin Trunks

    Next up, not a new idea to use vintage luggage, but I still love the mix of these different colours.
  • Double-sided flannel linen 3 of 14
    Double-sided flannel linen

    Cool Decorating Trick: Ok, maybe the shipping pallets are a bit over done these days, but I think what I like about the styling here is clipping lights to the headboard and using the crate as end tables as well - meaning the mattress doesn't cover the entire pallet.
  • Yorkshire-woven patchwork tweed cushions & sheepskins 4 of 14
    Yorkshire-woven patchwork tweed cushions & sheepskins

    Cool Decorating Trick: Got to love a cozy couch - and what a great way to cover maybe an old one - with a mix of flannel and wool and sheepskins - a nice way to warm things up for the winter.
  • Aldwyn Bedlinen 5 of 14
    Aldwyn Bedlinen

    Cool Decorating Trick: I just like that little piece of wood on the floor there.
  • Mango Wood Breadboards and Glass Cloth 6 of 14
    Mango Wood Breadboards and Glass Cloth

    Cool Decorating Trick: The random cutting boards are nice hanging about.
  • Aegean Bedlinen 7 of 14
    Aegean Bedlinen

    Cool Decorating Trick: The use of pipes for towel racks.
  • Hooded Sweater 8 of 14
    Hooded Sweater

    Cool Decorating Trick: The tall tall shelves with the ladder - nothing new again - but easily obtainable if you have tall ceilings by doubling up some shelves. Actually I think the BILLY shelves at IKEA has an extra shelf you can add to on top of theirs.
  • Flannel Stripe Bedlinen + Waffle Knit Blanket 9 of 14
    Flannel Stripe Bedlinen + Waffle Knit Blanket

    Cool Decorating Trick: Lots of nice layering going on
  • Washed lace bedlinen 10 of 14
    Washed lace bedlinen

    Cool Decorating Trick: Great color combo.
  • Anatolian Turkish Towels 11 of 14
    Anatolian Turkish Towels

    Cool Decorating Trick: These towels are luxurious and would update any bathroom</i<
  • Fire bowl and handthrown mugs 12 of 14
    Fire bowl and handthrown mugs

    Cool Decorating Trick: Entirely un-fancy, down-to-earth, sturdy and efficient - gives a cozy feel.
  • Mocassin Slippers 13 of 14
    Mocassin Slippers

    Cool Decorating Trick: Nice to display anywhere!
  • Woolen, Welsh Tapestry and Jute Rugs 14 of 14
    Woolen, Welsh Tapestry and Jute Rugs

    Cool Decorating Trick: I'm also loving the idea of layering rugs - in different patterns and textures right now - are you?

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