New Year, New You: 25 Beauty Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s a whole new year, and everyone everywhere is telling you it’s time for a whole new you. I like you just the way you are, but nevertheless I thought I’d share some seriously helpful beauty tips and tricks. As busy mamas it’s understandably difficult to take the time to primp up, but these tricks might actually save you time while helping you feel a little bit better about your mom-look. Throw your hair into a sock bun and the effortless curls that appear when you take it out for date night will totally surprise you. Since scheduling a day at the spa is practically impossible, make some of your own pampering products at home. These tips and tricks are easy to do and will make you feel great. Always remember to take a little time for yourself. I’m pretty certain that you deserve it.

Sparkle or Matte Eyeshadow for Nails 1 of 25
Save all your crumbled eye shadows to use as nail polish.

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Scotch Tape Cat Eye 2 of 25
Make a cat eye with scotch tape and no shame! (Starring me and my hideous putting-on-makeup-face.)

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Sock Bun Curls 3 of 25
Save your hair from being damaged by heat by changing to sock bun curls.

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Styles for Short Hair 4 of 25
Just because it's short doesn't mean it only has one style.

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Eye Liner with Charcoal 5 of 25
MacGyver your own eyeliner with charcoal.

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Exfoliate with Sugar 6 of 25
Brown sugar can work as a wonderful skin exfoliant and leaves you smelling sweet.

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Curlier Lashes 7 of 25
Add a little heat to your eyelash curlers to keep long and lasting curled lashes.

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Waxing at Home 8 of 25
You can wax anytime now that you can make your own waxing kit at home.

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Half Moon Manicures with School Supplies 9 of 25
School supplies like ring binder enforcers are just what you need for a half moon manicure.

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Whiten Teeth for Less 10 of 25
Add a little bit of baking soda to toothpaste to get a brighter smile.

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Tightening Green Tea and Grapefruit Toner 11 of 25
Keep your skin looking rejuvenated and toned the natural way.

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Baking Soda and Orange Mask 12 of 25
Make your skin glow with this refreshing mask.

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Tape for Nail Designs 13 of 25
Give your nails an edgy look with a little tape.

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Fight Frizz 14 of 25
If frizz is an ongoing issue for you this gelatin, water and cider vinegar concoction could work great.

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Homemade Dry Shampoo 15 of 25
For busy mamas dry shampoo can be your saving grace.

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Mama On-The-Go Tricks 16 of 25
Check out this list of tips and tricks for mamas on the go.

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Aspirin Mask 17 of 25
Aspirin as a mask? You will be shocked to see just how it works.

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Treat Sunburn with Tea 18 of 25
No one plans for a sunburn, but come summer, it’s easier than you’d think to get a little crisp while spending time in the sun. Luckily, the best remedy is right in your kitchen cupboard!

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Shaving Cream for Cracked Heels 19 of 25
Borrow a bit of your husband’s shaving cream to soothe your cracked heels. He'll never know.

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Marble Nails 20 of 25
This beautiful marble nail look is surprisingly easy to do.

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Spuds for Dark Circles 21 of 25
A potato a day keeps the dark circles away.

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Hair Growth with Coconut Milk 22 of 25
If you cut your hair and miss those long locks this remedy will guarantee you a couple good inches.

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How to Successfully Curl Your Hair 23 of 25
Curling your whole head can be quite a task.

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Best Way to Shape Eyebrows 24 of 25
Don't over pluck is the main secret, but there's a few others you may not know.

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Cutting Your Own Bangs 25 of 25
You know you've done it. You know you've done it wrong.

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