Nintendo 3Ds: 7 Things You Need to Know!


Nintendo 3Ds

With much anticipation, the details about the Nintendo 3Ds have finally been revealed. Nintendo DS units have been very popular since they debuted back in 2004.  Each new unit offers something new and exciting. And this new version the Nintendo 3Ds is no exception. So what do you need to know about this new unit?

The Nintendo DS will hit the United States market on March 27.

It will retail for $249 which is less that the $299 that many thought would be the price point.

It comes bundled with a charging dock and a 2GB DS Card.

The color that will be available at first are the Cosmos Black and the Aqua Blue

The top screen with me 10% larger.

The big change is the glasses free 3D screen above the touchscreen.

You can play your old DS and DSi games but they will be in 2D.

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